REVIEW Romesh Ranganathan

News 17 October 2019
Romesh Ranganathan: The Cynic’s Mixtape

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Entering the stage whilst his Cynic’s Mixtape playlist was playing was the perfect way to set the tone of his show.

The show was full of hilariously honest and brutal anecdotes, ranging from a less than joyous trip to the beach, to having the testosterone levels of an 80-year-old man.

Not only this, but Romesh gave the audience an insight into his life through veganism and the reasons for undertaking the lifestyle choice, whilst telling us the very specific circumstances that must occur in order for him to eat a pig.

Romesh’s subtle insults about Bournemouth had the audience in fits of laughter because although it was savage, it was very true. Before the end of the show, the crowd were invited to join in with his special rap, after which, he said we were a ‘sick’ audience, colloquially, of course.

Romesh put on an excellent show and provided the mid-week laugh everyone needed – It’s no wonder extra dates for this tour have been added all-over the country!

Written by Amber Lovell