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BSO Hall of Fame

BSO Hall of Fame

Sat 26 January 7pm                 Power and Passion

SIBELIUS Karelia Suite
MENDELSSOHN Violin Concerto
TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony No.6 'Pathétique’|

Conductor: Stephen Bell
Violin: Joo Yeon Sir 

All the characteristics most highly valued in Tchaikovsky’s music are present in his Sixth Symphony; imaginative orchestration, drama, delicious themes and sweeping emotive power. Whether or not the symphony hides some specific message, hinting at his personal melancholy and untimely death, it is clearly a work of deep and turbulent pathos and remains one of his most endearing. There is perhaps no more popular or beloved violin concerto than Mendelssohn’s masterpiece.

Taking a journey from darkness to light, it begins restless, mysterious and questioning, and ends in a blaze of colour, full of joy and exhilaration, sustained by virtuosic melodies and lively interplay between soloist and orchestra. In 1893 the students of Helsinki University presented a series of ten tableaux depicting episodes from the history of Karelia (once a province of southern Finland), with incidental music by Sibelius. The performance was regarded as an expression of Finnish nationalist sentiment, and received huge patriotic applause. It continues to dominate classic charts with its stirring themes and brooding power.


BSO Hall of Fame

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