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BSO Hall of Fame

BSO Hall of Fame

Sun 24 February 3pm               Natural Beauty

MENDELSSOHN The Hebrides Overture
BRAHMS Violin Concerto
DVOŘÁK Symphony No.8

Conductor: Michael Seal
Violin: Chloë Hanslip 

Dvořák broke new ground with his Eighth Symphony, a work, as he explained, meant to be “different from the other symphonies, with individual thoughts worked out in a new way.” The music is steeped in the flavour and atmosphere of the Czech countryside. Often described as a sunny work it is much more than that. There are passages of drama, exhilaration,happiness and nostalgia, evoking a wide range of human emotions and profound optimism..

Brahms’ concerto stands as one of the largest and most challenging works in the solo violin repertoire, a piece which shows the two opposite sides of his creative mind – Brahms the song writer and Brahms the symphonist. It is a song for the violin on a symphonic scale – a lyrical outpouring which exercises to the full his great powers of inventive development. Fingal’s Cave conjures up a whole seascape including the grandeur of the cave itself, the swelling of the sea, the light on the water and the fury of the waves breaking on the cliffs. It was one of the first works of music to evoke nature in this way, and remains one of the greatest of its genre.

BSO Hall of Fame

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